Clare Dalton Acupuncture


Acupuncture heals by using the finest of sterile needles at particular points on the body to correct the body’s energetic balance when energy has become deficient, excessive, or blocked.  It is a powerful tool for relieving pain, alleviating distress, addressing disease, and restoring and maintaining physical health, vitality, peace of mind and quality of life.

In my own practice I address with my clients a wide range of physical symptoms and ailments that are causing them pain or limiting their activities.  Often, too, we address the stress, anxiety or depression that may be contributing to physical problems, or simply eroding their capacity for enjoyment or fulfillment in their personal or professional lives. My focus is to support my clients through physical and emotional crisis, provide healing, and to sustain their improved health and wellbeing over time.

Traditional Chinese medicine operates from the understanding that the life-giving energy that flows throughout creation, and in us, takes five elemental forms: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.  In the human body, each element has its own unique pathways, and its own unique relationships to particular organs and processes.  When we talk of energetic balance, we are talking of balance within each element, and among and between the elements.  Healthy Wood energy, for example, gives us pliancy and flexibility, while Wood insufficiently supplied with Water makes us dry, stiff and brittle, and blocked Wood energy makes us irritable and gives us headaches.

All traditions of acupuncture move and balance the energy of the elements through the choice of acupuncture points designed to alleviate pain and foster healing.  Treatment is preceded by careful diagnosis, and tailored to the unique constitution of each patient.

The Five Element practitioner, working within this common framework, places particular importance on identifying each client’s ‘home’ element – the element that is at once the source of the client’s greatest strengths, and the most vulnerable to disturbance when triggered by trauma or illness.  Providing support for that element, in addition to addressing current symptoms, ensures that treatment will have a lasting impact, and assists each client into his or her highest potential.

Healing for body, mind and spirit.